iBuzz Vibrator for iPod

The iBuzz Vibrator is the music-activated orgasm machine. This is a great idea. You can now rock out your favorite tunes and get off at the same time.

The iBuzz Vibrator pulses vibrations to the beat of whatever is playing. Also, the vibration gets stronger the louder you play it, so Speed Metal chics have caution. You might just blow up. You have been warned.

You can even share this intense experience with your lover as well. The iBuzz Vibrator comes with attachments for both him and her. So turn the music up real loud and share an experience like you never had before.

The iBuzz also works without music, featuring several different preset vibration patterns with a press of a button. Additionally, the iBuzz Vibrator works in any MP3 player or portable music device.

Makes a great gift for that special woman in your life. The gift that will keeps on giving, again and again.

iPod Toy: iBuzz Vibrator

Wondering what else you can do with the Apple iPod? Turn your iPod into a pleasure paradise with the iBuzz Vibrator.

The iBuzz Vibrator works with any MP3 player or portable music device. The bullet vibrates in time to your music and vibrates stronger when you turn the music up. The iBuzz is easy to use, plug and play, and stimulating fun for both him and her. Additionally, the iBuzz vibrating function works with or without music!

Use the his and hers attachments to add that little extra excitement to your sex play! Turn him into a vibrator with the included stretchy ring, and use the soft sleeve for more sensitive stimulation.

No music player? You can still use the iBuzz Vibrator for orgasmic fun by itself. Just turn on and enjoy the 7 amazing vibration patterns, using the setting buttons until you find the one that suits your mood!

The iBuzz Vibrator will work with any sound source that has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. This includes iPod, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Touch and pretty much any portable music player on the market today. The iBuzz Vibrator will even be use plug into your Walkman and your Discman as well.

The iBuzz Vibrator comes with everything you need to start enjoying musical vibrations:

  • The iBuzz vibrating unit
  • Vibrating bullet with long white cord for more flexibility
  • Bumpy stimulating sleeve for her
  • Spiked cock ring sleeve for him
  • White cord to connect the iBuzz vibrator to your iPod or MP3 player
  • White Y-adaptor so you can plug your headphones
  • Just add music and enjoy

Note: The iBuzz vibrates best with bass heavy tunes.

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